Thursday, December 30, 2010

Jan 2011 CTP Released

I have just released a new build out to the Gepsio Codeplex site. This release, the January 2011 Community Technology Preview, is available to download from the site. This release adds formal support for calculation lniks, arcs and validation.

As always, your feedback and bug reports are welcome. You can send feedback here, and you can file a bug report here. I see that some reports have already been filed. This means that I have some work to do, but it also means that a few people are using Gepsio and working with it. Thank you to these early adopters!

My plan for the next release (which will hopefully be the Feb 2011 CTP) is to get the precision inference tests available in the XBRL-CONF-CR3-2007-03-05 test suite to pass. Since much of the precision inference work was implemented for this Jan 2011 CTP release, I am hoping for smooth sailing with regards to the precision inference tests. Time permitting, I can work on some of the already-filed issues and some code commenting.

Enjoy the Jan 2011 CTP!

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