Sunday, January 30, 2011

Schema Refactoring Check In

The XBRL schema support task that I have mentioned in my last two posts is complete! I am very happy to report that, with this change, Gepsio will provide much better support for complex XBRL schemas, including industry standard schemas such as the US GAAP schema. This support will make it into the Feb 2011 CTP, which will be released shortly.

If you have used a previous Gepsio CTP, but were running across errors or thrown XbrlException objects with messages relating to missing types or other schema-related errors, I encourage you to try the Feb 2011 CTP and load your XBRL documents with it. I am hopeful that you will see a marked difference in the level of support Gepsio offers for ensuring that your schemas are parsed with greater accuracy. Some of the Gepsio unit tests parse XBRL documents that use the UK-GAAP-2008-01-15 taxonomy, and those documents load into Gepsio with greater parsing accuracy than ever before.

There is still schema work to be done. The classes that implement the now-obsolete homegrown type system are still in the code base (though unused), and linkbases and arcs are still parsed manually. These items will be addressed in a future release.

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