Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nov 2011 CTP Released

I am pleased to announce the Nov 2011 CTP release of Gepsio. This release passes 191 of the tests in the XBRL-CONF-CR3-2007-03-05 conformance suite (which is 32 more than the 159 tests that passed in the last CTP release). This release builds on the previous CTP release in the following ways:

  • First Class Support For Items and Tuples. Previous releases of Gepsio used a single class called Fact to represent a fact in an XBRL fragment. Starting with this release, the Fact class is a base class for two derived classes: one called Item and the other called Tuple. The Facts collection available from an XbrlFragment object is a collection of Fact objects, and each Fact in the collection could, in fact, be either an Item object or a Tuple object. This work brings the XBRL concept of tuples in as a first-class citizen of the Gepsio object model.
  • Complete Support For Essence Aliases. This release of Gepsio passes all of the conformance suite tests relating to the concept of essence aliases.
  • Better Support For Calculation Arc Validation. Gepsio now has a better validation engine for calculation arcs. This release now includes better handling of context-equals and unit-equals items, items with a nil value, and better support for contributing concept items found in tuples.

Download this latest version (numbered at http://gepsio.codeplex.com and click the “Downloads” tab to grab the latest release.

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