Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gepsio Reviewed by HereBeDragon

I found a very nice review of Gepsio today on a blog at Here’s what the author had to say:

My first stop was Codeplex, where I searched for the term 'XBRL' and found 3 projects. That's too few. Of these, one particularly caught my eye (in fact I have followed this project for a few months) and that is 'Gepsio'.

Gepsio is a .NET based document object model for XBRL that can load and validate XBRL documents. It's a 'strict' processor for XBRL that throws exceptions when the loaded document is not valid. Perhaps it's possible to make changes to and save XBRL files using Gepsio as well, but frankly I could not look into it in depth because of the exceptions and because I was short of time.

I did give the source code of the XBRL Reader part of Gepsio a good look though. I was impressed to see sustained work, focus on meeting XBRL conformance requirements and a clean, well organized codebase. Gepsio is a good option to evaluate if you are looking for open source XBRL software.

The Gepsio XBRL code is licensed under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL), which allows you to use the code in a commercial application.

Find the author’s review of Gepsio, and many other open source XBRL tools, through this link.

Thanks to HereBeDragon for the review!

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